Photographing Birds along Waddy Beach in Benaulim, Goa using a Mirror Lens

BENAULIM 15.25°N 73.92°E

The Green Bee-eater, Merops orientalis

The spaces in and around Waddy Beach in Benaulim, Goa has got to be one of the most magical in India.

It all began in the November of 2009. I’d been invited to conduct a three-day photography workshop at Art Escape in Benaulim. Anne Ketteringham was one of the participants. She showed all of us her Pentax SLR camera and Sigma lenses. Anne has been spending a lot of time photographing birds on the hills of Assagao in North Goa. And the assortment of exotic birds that sat there on the electric cables running from the village to Waddy Beach excited her.

My Mirror Lens had not made its way to India then. I photographed people instead. A week later, I was invited to conduct an eight-day workshop. It was during this time that my Mirror Lens made its way to Mumbai. And a month later, I spent a few hours photographing birds on the road that leads to Waddy Beach.

The Red-wattled Lapwing, Vanellus indicus

I have heard stories of Peacock sightings on the fields a little further away from the beach. I haven’t seen them though.

The beach is one of my favorites in all of India. Clean shores, inviting waters – great place to swim – no water-sports.

I rate Roger’s beach shack as one of the best in the state of Goa.

Rufous-backed Shrike, Lanius schach

Technical Notes

  • The assortments of birds found sitting on the electric cables are easy to photograph. Even the occasional sound of cars and motorbikes don’t seem to fluster the birds.
  • If the sky takes up most of your frame, over-expose the frame by a stop or two in order to replicate the colours more accurately.

Paddyfield Pipit, Anthus rufulus

The Jungle Myna, Acridotheres fuscus

The Rosy Starling, or Rose-coloured Starling, Sturnus roseus

The Scaly-breasted Munia, Lonchura punctulata

Pied Bushchat (above and below)

(Below) The Barn Swallow, Hirundo rustica




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4 responses to “Photographing Birds along Waddy Beach in Benaulim, Goa using a Mirror Lens

  1. Hi, Superb photos and a great collection of different birds in a relatively short time. Well done that man!!!!! Best wishes. Anne

  2. sonal

    hey nice work .. hope to see more birds of goa.

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