Photographing Seagulls at Morjim Beach in Goa using a Mirror Lens

MORJIM 15°37’27″N 73°44’0″E

A virgin beach at Rameshwaram in the state of Tamil Nadu. And Waddy at Benaulim are two of the best beaches that I have been to in India. Add Morjim in Goa to that!

It is so clean! And the friendly tides make it one of the best beaches to swim in. No water sports. And no vendors. The beach is peaceful and quiet despite the couple of hundred odd tourists sunbathing outside the beach-shacks that line the edge of the shore.

Morjim is home to a few thousand Seagulls. Flocks and flocks of Seagulls chill out on the shores and on a mudflat a couple of kilometers into the ocean. You can rent a boat and get real close to the mudflat. It is a beautiful sight.

Morjim Beach and the mudflat can also be seen from the heights of Chapora Fort. It is a beautiful sight.

I hope that water sports and vendors stay off Morjim. And that the beach continues to remain clean and quiet.

Technical Notes

  • Seagulls are rather easy to photograph.
  • Since they hang out on the beach and on mudflats all through the day, one can photograph them at different times of the day and compare the results.
  • I shot these at about 4 o’clock in the evening. The results aren’t too bad.

And not to forget this little pal, the Little Ringed Plover, Charadrius dubius:



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