Bird Photography at Akshi Beach using a Mirror Lens

Akshi Beach is in Alibag 18.64°N 72.88°E not too far away from Ramdharaneshwar.

The White-bellied Sea-eagle, Haliaeetus leucogaster is also known as the White-bellied Fish-eagle or White-breasted Sea Eagle

I don’t have much to say about the beach. There ain’t a beach shack etc. And my feet kept sinking into the sand from time to time. Good thing I was wearing rubber slippers (and not shoes). But a beach is a beach, right? I love the beach.

We saw Swallows, Sandpipers, Plovers, plenty of Gulls, Drongos etc. The White-bellied Sea Eagle was the highlight of the trip.

The Kentish Plover, Charadrius alexandrinus

“I’d gone to Akshi beach”, I’d said to a BNHS member on a Sunday trip some eight weeks later.

“What did you see? Waders?”

“Yes. You’re right. Only waders.”

I love waders.

These are four successive shots of Seagulls:




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14 responses to “Bird Photography at Akshi Beach using a Mirror Lens

  1. .Riddler

    Natural and clean. a gush of nature in my mind.
    Lush and serene.

    I saw them flying and away they fly out of sight and forever in my mind.
    I wish that i was flying with them towards the sun and into nothingness.
    like spirits they transcend form this life into the after life.
    As the sun swallows their bodies until they drown in its light.

  2. Hi & thanks for visiting my blog. Great hotos, I absolutely love eagles. In fact I love all birds & really enjoyed looking at all your wonderful photos

  3. Love the Sea Eagle shot. It is suc a majesic bird both in the air and on land. And the little waders, well they ar just so cute.

  4. Landed up on this blog while searching for “Birds in Akshi Beach”. Even though mirror lens sucks, It is good to see you documenting birds around mumbai. I will keep following this blog 🙂 and hope you have your 300 F2.8 soon.

  5. Loved the close up of the eagle….nice work.

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