Where there is a fish there is a bird

Chapora is a fishing village in North Goa near the rocky cliffs of Anjuna and Vagator. The jetty at Chapora is active at 5 o’clock in the evening. Fishermen sail back to shore bringing in their catch – fish, crabs, squids and lobsters. The catch is weighed and poured into boxes. It is then loaded into trucks.

Some of it is sold at the jetty. Locals and tourists crowd around it. Chapora Jetty is a good place to buy fish. The Kingfish sold here for a hundred and fifty rupees costs a thousand odd at the restaurants that Goa is so famous for.

And where there is a fish there is a bird:

The Common Sandpiper, Actitis hypoleucos

Egrets etc.

The Indian Pond Heron or Paddybird, Ardeola grayii




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6 responses to “Where there is a fish there is a bird

  1. Your photos are making my mouth water. Not only for the seafood, but for the birds from the other side of the world. Good job.

  2. Your black and white photos are great!

  3. Love that top black and white picture!

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