Photographing Egrets at Vasai Fort, Benaulim, Assagao and Sewri

I’d posted this a while ago. Tore it down. I think it should be up though. I’d rather leave it published.


Sunday 27 December 2009 – a morning’s walk through Bassein Fort – a Portuguese establishment of 1534. And in the first half hour, I made these photos of a bird that that I couldn’t identify:

“Egrets!” said the Ornithologist. “Ah yes!”

Egrets are everywhere. Even in the big city – especially on open fields and grasslands. I used to mistake then for Cranes.

And a few minutes later, I made these:

And over the next four hours, I managed nothing. We didn’t spot too many birds. Except the Red Whiskered Bulbul and a Sunbird that sat high up, too high up to photograph. It was only the second time that I’d gone out birding. And so, I was happy to have made these photos. But the more I went out, I realised how easy it is to make photos of Egrets. They are just everywhere!

I often wonder if the Egrets living in the polluted grasslands of Mumbai – close to factories that constantly pollute the air are aware of the fact that they have cousins residing in the southern more beautiful and less polluted states of Goa and Kerala.

(Above and Below) The Little Egret on the polluted mudflats of Sewri in Mumbai.

And because Egrets happen to be the first bird that I made decent photos of and the fact that they’re all around in Mumbai and Goa, I decided to dedicate an entire post to them.

And at Assagao in Goa, I pulled over, parked my scooter at the side of the road to shoot these:

Assagao in Goa is a beautiful place for birding. Have a look at the many other birds of Assagao that I have photographed.




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4 responses to “Photographing Egrets at Vasai Fort, Benaulim, Assagao and Sewri

  1. Dew

    Exceptionally beautiful!! Thanks for your pics!

  2. I love the birds and the photos.But for someone totally unconversant with photography,what are mirror lenses?And why do you use them?

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