Birdwatching along the canal at Dieman in Amsterdam

I’m guessing that these birds are common in Amsterdam and around Holland. Nevertheless, it’s a start! Flocks of ducks etc. are common along the canals, at certain nooks and corners. And that’s where the flock hang out all the time.

Observe. Just observe the bugger.

Ducks swimming alongside whilst I cycled early in the morning. I like Amsterdam! Mallard, or Wild duck Anas platyrhynchos (above and below):

More ducks:


Lesser Black-backed Gull Larus Fuscus (above and below):

Like I said, I didn’t find a lot of different species of birds along the canal. So I started observing the Seagull. It’d clean its feathers. It looked at peace, mostly.

And another one. Black Headed Gull Chroicocephalus Ridibundus:

Icy Herring Gull:

Further down the road, heading towards Amsterdam Central, I found this bloke:

Grey Heron Ardea cinerea in Dieman, Amsterdam. Compare it to the one at Sewri in Mumbai. Close-ups of the one at Amsterdam. It just sat there alongside the bridge flying over the bridge. At peace, mostly:

I like this bloke.




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