The Common Birds of Amsterdam

I spent about an hour this afternoon photographing birds at Oosterpark. Oosterpark has this little water body that is home to some of the common birds of Amsterdam. Mallards, Ducks etc. I had such a good time that I have neither bothered to find out the names of any of them nor colour correct the photos.



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7 responses to “The Common Birds of Amsterdam

  1. Wow, these are really special and needed no work on the photos. I am guessing that you are using your mirror lens from some of the backgrounds “crystally” effect. which makes some of these shots even more special. I love them!!!!! Great shots. Best Wishes. Anne
    PS. I’m jealous.

  2. Just out of interest, is there actually a Canon 500mm f2.8 lens?? I have a 500mm f4 but I don’t know of a 2.8.


  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. While I’m not a bird expert I absolutely adore birds of any sort from majestic coloured parrots to plain little sparrows. These photos are magnificent. I especially like the green headed duck shots, I don’t even know what they are called but they are my favourite type of ducks.

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