Peacock /Peahen? Pea, anyway.

My birdwatching escapades begin in the month of November and terminate by the second week of March. So, if you come upon a blog post between April and October, it has got to be an exceptional /accidental sighting. Like this one. I came upon this bird in this village a couple of days ago. They seemed to think that it is a peacock/peahen. Perhaps. I haven’t got this close to one of them in the wild before.




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5 responses to “Peacock /Peahen? Pea, anyway.

  1. Certainly looks like a Peahen. Your making me jealous now as the se birds are so shy in the wild that you scarcely see them long enough to shoot with your camera, except maybe with my new K5 camera. That may capture one when I get a chance. Well captured!
    Best Wishes

  2. Pat Bernitt

    I live in the Tampa, Florida area, and peacocks and peahens roam freely in our neighborhood. Although typically I’ll see them in groups of three or four, we have a young peacock (does not yet have much of a trail of feathers) which I think is adopting our house as his home base. We have a reflective solar coating on our windows (helps with keeping sun out and windows blowing out during a hurricane), and this peacock camps out in front of our house looking at himself in the window. Oddly, he is always by himself, and it’s almost sort of sad. It was raining this morning, he was on the roof, and squawked for probably 45 minutes. The sound is sort of like the bird sucks in its breath, then honks, followed by a two-syllable squawk (if that makes any sense). This is all driving my two inside cats nuts! This morning, I think one of them was so disgusted with all of the noise (and they are noisy) that it left the screened porch and came inside. I have taken many photos of neighborhood peacocks and peahens.

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