Sparrows in Réquista, the south of France

The sparrow population in Réquista is extremely grateful to Anne for the fresh water that she supplies them in her garden at Anne’s Place in Réquista. Réquista is a quaint village to the south of France rich in greenery, scenery and culture. I’ll have more about the village, it’s culture, scenery and greenery on my photo blog in the weeks to come.

I don’t remember seeing sparrows in Holland, Spain, The Czech Republic and France. So this might have been the first time that I’ve come upon foreign sparrows!

Réquista is a nice holiday destination; quiet and peaceful with plenty of activity and adventure sports on offer. For more info., get in touch with our host, Anne.

I also have a video of the little birds:




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3 responses to “Sparrows in Réquista, the south of France

  1. It’s so cute picture(s).

  2. Lovely to see the Sparrows – not so many around in the UK these days!

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