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Photographing Waders from Airoli Bridge using a Mirror Lens

AIROLI 19.147500°N 72.987222°E

Flamingos are seen on the mudflats along the Thane Creek in Mumbai. The flyover between Mulund and Airoli (Airoli Bridge) serves as a good vantage point. Waders like Redshanks, Godwits and Gulls & Terns are some of the other species found here.

The Gull-billed Tern, Gelochelidon nilotica

The mangroves along the Thane Creek, at Airoli are being destroyed. And the land reclaimed.

We saw them chop off the mangroves with axes in an attempt to reclaim the land for ‘development’. Truckloads of debris were being brought in and dumped into the leveled marsh every ten minutes.  Acres and acres of mangroves have been destroyed. Skyscrapers and highways shall replace them.

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