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Birdwatching in Benaulim, Goa, dec.11

Typically I’d have at least two weekend birding trips under my belt by the end of the first week of December. This year, work, or the possibility of work has kept me away from booking a trip. I’d gone to Goa last week and decided to club in a couple of birding escapades into the itinerary.

Look, photographically it’s totally useless. But it’s a fantastic recreation, especially early in the morning. So that’s five thousand Indian rupees well spent, and thank you, mirror lens. I hope it lasts a couple more decades.

So here’s the birds from that morning. I’ve decided that I’m not going to bother about names anymore.

This weekend, I’m going birding to Sewri (report: 2009-10 | feb’2011) . I better brush up my Sewri birds so that I can show off in front of the ignorent.




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Photographing Egrets at Vasai Fort, Benaulim, Assagao and Sewri

I’d posted this a while ago. Tore it down. I think it should be up though. I’d rather leave it published.


Sunday 27 December 2009 – a morning’s walk through Bassein Fort – a Portuguese establishment of 1534. And in the first half hour, I made these photos of a bird that that I couldn’t identify:

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Photographing Birds along Waddy Beach in Benaulim, Goa using a Mirror Lens

BENAULIM 15.25°N 73.92°E

The Green Bee-eater, Merops orientalis

The spaces in and around Waddy Beach in Benaulim, Goa has got to be one of the most magical in India.

It all began in the November of 2009. I’d been invited to conduct a three-day photography workshop at Art Escape in Benaulim. Anne Ketteringham was one of the participants. She showed all of us her Pentax SLR camera and Sigma lenses. Anne has been spending a lot of time photographing birds on the hills of Assagao in North Goa. And the assortment of exotic birds that sat there on the electric cables running from the village to Waddy Beach excited her.

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