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Photographing Raptors at Ramdharaneshwar using a Mirror Lens

Ramdharaneshwar is some 100 kilometers south of Mumbai.

Drive through New-Bombay or Navi-Mumbai and past Pen via. Panvel towards Alibag 18.64°N 72.88°E.

Take a right at the junction some 8 kilometers before Alibag into Thal.

The temple atop Ramdharaneshwar is popular.

Stop and ask for directions to the foothills of Ramdharaneshwar.

You can choose between one of two hills. One with an uneven stone staircase leading you up to the temple – there is a lake atop and more shade. And the other – a more difficult trek to the top of a hill with little or no shade and water.

We opted for shade and water.

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