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Bird watching at Sewri, Mumbai, India on 19 Feb’11

I started my bird watching escapades at Sewri on the 15th of November 2009. I knew neither a bird nor a bee back then. This morning, I surprised myself by being able to identify almost all of the birds that we came across. I was hoping to photograph at least one bird that I hadn’t come across as yet. It didn’t happen. We spotted a Green Heron in flight; I didn’t manage a photo though. The number of Flamingos had significantly reduced from last year. And no Grey Herons.

A significant number of people assembled along the jetty to seek the guidance of the experts that BNHS had on offer. Almost three to three and a half times more than November 2009.

Perhaps Vijay Mallya instructed this Kingfisher to camp close to shore for everyone to see. It just sat there on a rope, about fifteen feet away from us:

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Photographing Egrets at Vasai Fort, Benaulim, Assagao and Sewri

I’d posted this a while ago. Tore it down. I think it should be up though. I’d rather leave it published.


Sunday 27 December 2009 – a morning’s walk through Bassein Fort – a Portuguese establishment of 1534. And in the first half hour, I made these photos of a bird that that I couldn’t identify:

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Photographing Flamingos and other waders at Sewri Jetty using a Mirror Lens

SEWRI JETTY 19.00°N 72.86°E

A Flamingo in flight at Sewri Jetty

Sewri – an industrial hub located along the Eastern Waterfront in Mumbai is home to Flamingos during the winter months.

My bird-watching escapades started here on the 15th of November 2009. Early on a rainy morning, some fifteen of us – members and guests of the Bombay Natural History Society under the guidance of a couple of Resource People – Ornithologists assembled opposite the railway crossing at Sewri.

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